About Us

Moxie and Clover are two happy dachshunds who love wearing accessories, getting packages in the mail, and buying new toys. Staying fresh and clean. They created Moxieandclover.com to make shopping for your dog more fun by providing a one-stop shop for anything from small dog carriers to toys to the latest grooming products a professional or dog owner could need. Their mission is to connect with other dogs around the world and give back to dogs in need.

Combining their love of new things with their online services, Moxie and Clover aims to improve the life of dogs large and small in one easy-to-access place where every dog can find something special just for them! Every purchase made, a percentage of the profits will be donated to a local no kill shelter or dachshund rescue. 

Moxie and Clover is the best place to shop for your pup! Our goal is to make shopping easy, fun, and accessible. We offer a wide variety of products including toys, accessories, clothing, and more. All our items are designed with dogs in mind so you know they will be durable enough to last through all the crazy things that pups get into!

If you have any questions about Moxie and Clover, our friendly team is here to help. To ask a question, please feel free to email us at support@moxieandclover.com, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.


The Moxie and Clover Team